Decode trophy design competiotion

On this competition we participate and deisgned two version of an award for Decode Foundation for Contemporary Architecture and Art.

In addition to several ideas in the concept, i bulit on this sentence: „A creation bulit around thought”. This is the key phrase I focused on during the deisgn. I felt this was the essence I wanted to express so that the award would communicate about itself.

This is articulated by the colorless and matte surface on wich the form inside passes. As for you the thought. What is elusive is almost invisible but it is there and exists. Tha matte surface creates a strange atmosphere around the inner core, wich makes us think about what might be inside.

From the beggining of the deisgn, the idea was to use a column shape. A form that radiates strenght and determination. It’s walkable and deending on wich side you look at, it will always show a little diffrent. Just as understanding thoughts, our ipmressions of them are often a matter of point of view.

The material is acril. We made two similar version of the trophy.

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